Interactive Mappathon™

The Interactive Mappathon™ is the advanced version of Mappathon™ that will be taught within a limited time frame. Instead of a singular collaborative piece, participants will create their own individual, interactive projection mapping installation.

The instructor will provide a general walkthrough each software. Participants will learn how to make animations from static images, mix video content, and projection map their creations onto specific 3-dimensional surfaces within the space.

The instructor will review how to make the projection mapping installation interactive using sound reactive or OSC controls. In certain versions of the workshop, specialized programmers will instruct participants on how to develop their interactive ideas further.

Creative Execution
Participants will come up with ideas and anticipate the materials required for their own project. They will experience the process of an art installation from concept to public presentation, further developing and exercising their newfound skills.
Presentation / Exhibition
Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their installation in a public space. By seeing others interact with and respond to the piece, they will receive constructive critique of how they can improve their own artistic practice.


Mapping Festival
Geneva CH