Mappathon™ is inspired by the hackathon, an event where computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers, and project managers collaborate intensively on projects within a limited time frame. It was founded by CHiKA in collaboration with Scott Fitzgerald, Boris Edelstein, and Ilan Katin in 2013. We’ve remixed the traditional hackathon and designed a variety of Projection Mapping and LED Light Mapping workshops for creative minds of every level.

Mappathon™ is a hands-on, problem-based learning workshop. We create a fast pace, momentum learning through the design development process of Discover, Define, Design, and Developing closely with the students. Participants will be introduced to MadMapper, modul8, and Vezer, and will be given a fully functional, 30-day trial of each software, depending on the workshop types.

Mappathon™ is a perfect STEM education for younger students. We are open to working with your school, organization, festival, or corporation to create the design process through projection mapping technology.

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